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4/23/14 - Kiss Tribute band seeking a Singer/Guitarist for the Paul Stanley position. Must be able to sing well and be a showman. Must be reliable and a team player. If you are already in a band that is fine as long as this project is 1st priority. If you work out after an audition you will need to buy a professional costume (about $400). You will also have to apply your own makeup for every show. A show will consist on average of an 18 hour day including driving, setting up the stage show, applying makeup and costumes, photo ops, tearing down the stage and loading. This is a recreation so you will need to study how Paul moves and carries himself onstage. Must have your own transportation. We rehearse every Sunday in Scranton Pa. we will average 1 to 2 shows per month on weekends. Only reply if you are seriously interested and feel you can do the job. We are using fill in guys from other tributes until we find our own guy.

3/7/14 - Singer looking for players, post hardcore, splash of hip hop-dance, metal, classic rock, thrice, killswitch, aerosmith..... anything dope -

2/12/14 - Me and my friend are starting a "band for Youtube" i'm looking for a Bassist to send me some demos of new stuff and it would be greatly appreciated -

1/27/14 - Mature (50) bluesish guitarist looking for friends to jam with and work out some old rolling stones, Dylan, grateful dead, Faces tunes. I can play harmonica, guitar and slide, and I can sing a little. Can play well sometimes but haven't practiced for a while so I forget half the stuff i knew. I'd like to get back into shape and maybe play out for a show or two. Have large practice area if you like big dogs..... Hey, that could be our name! Write me if you want to meet up. Guys and gals of any age are welcome........ We all bring something to the table. Doc. Reading, PA. Have a nice Linux based recording PC setup I'd like to learn to master as well.

11/23/13 - Hi.My band is looking for a bass player and singer. We are a pop punk band called finding the lost. looking for ages 13-15. If you are interested, please email Thank you so much!

10/15/13 - Rock band in Warrington, PA looking for drummer to jam with...current members are late 40s early 50s. We have an electronic kit set up already in our home studio. We've done neighborhood gigs but would like to start doing some local non-smoking bars.

10/5/13 - Guitar player seeking any musicians to start a band. Playing style and experience level is not important. Dedication is the only requirement. Must be willing to have fun and practice. Email me if interested.

8/6/13 - 29 year old rhythm guitarist with 15 years playing experience and experience playing in two all original bands looking to either start a new band or join an existing one. I'm pretty open as far as style goes, as long as it's some form of rock. I would prefer playing in a band writing and performing original music, but would also consider a cover band. I have high quality pro level guitars and gear. I do not, however, have a rehearsal space. I do work a full time job, so only weekends are open for practices and gigs.

5/13/13 - Hi! We're a guitarist and bassist (with a tentative vocalist) in South Philly, mid-20s and play melodic hardcore punk with indie/poppy influences. We're currently looking for likeminded, positive musicians (gender and race doesn't matter at all b/c we're all diff genders and races) to start a band with. If you live in Philly or in any of the surrounding areas and are willing to travel, then feel free contact us and we'll send you what we've been working on (there's not much yet bc we want to write with other members). Such Gold, /Touche Amore, Tigers Jaw, Daggermouth, Jawbreaker, Descendents, Crime in Stereo, Joyce Manor, Living With Lions, Small Brown Bike, Comeback Kid, Strike Anywhere, etc. You can contact us at . We're very dedicated musicians and hope you're willing to work hard with us. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

3/19/13 - Seeking 2-3 female vocalists for a pop group based in FLORIDA. Those interested should be between 18-29, be fit, and have a unique look. Dance experience is a plus but not required. Send LINKS of audio/video/photos to You will hear from us if we are interested in moving forward with you.

3/19/13 -
A bunch of 11 year olds are starting a rock band in Olney, MD. Currently have a guitarist, keyboardist, and a drummer. Looking for a bassist and a good singer. Will start practing late May 2013. Will have a professional musician guiding the band. If interested, email

3/10/13 - Looking for Committed Musicians out of the Baltimore MD-York PA scene 16+ preferably! I'm Ryan, I'm 17 and I've played drums for 8+ years and I've been in a few local bands including As of Tuesday (who played Rams Head, Soundstage and Recher in Balt) and The Bubonics. I'm looking for an alt/indie sound and I'm heavily influenced by bands found on Sirius XM's AltNation. If you're interested in hooking up or even asking me a few questions hit me up at! O'bangle Fizz Y'all!

2/26/13 - experienced drummer and guitarist looking for any 2nd guitarist,bassist or singer to play pop punk. We have practice space, and transportation. We are fully dedicated you. If your not as skilled but you are interested we can help. So don't be afraid because at some point every musician. Needed help or wasn't that good. We are 21, btw. Influences are bands like wonder years, Movielife, fireworks, citylights, with the punches, kid liberty and etc. If you dont know what pop punk is. Check it out and let us know what you think. Practice space is in olney, Md. but if your in compatabile distance a ride can be assured.


2/20/13 - Hey guys Im looking to start a rock band and I need basicaly the whole thing. I do vocals I can sing and do the srceaming parts perfectly all I need is 2 guitarists that can shred some rocking guitars, a 1 rockin bass player and 1 awesome drummer. Its going to be awesome! You should at least be 12-16 years old though. So those of you who can do any one of those things playing guitar bass or drums e-mail me at so we can meet up and see what you can do.

2/18/13 - Hi! Im a Maryland based 15 year old female alto vocalist looking to be in a band. My style is more upbeat rock and pop such as Cherri Bomb, Paramore and Tonight Alive but im flexible to what the band wants to do. Please contact me if you're interested! WARNING: I will not work with bands outside of Maryland or who are over 18 due to parental requests.

2/13/13 - I am a mature experienced professional vocalist seeking an orchestra or band to perform my show called: "Salute to the Crooners" where I perform all the hits popularized by such renowned artists as: Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Engelbert Humperdinck, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, and, or course, The Chairman of The Board.

2/9/13 - Two singers looking to Start up band we need a guitar player,Drummer and bassist I am a tenor and female singer is a soprano want to play music such as pop punk and post hardcore from the berks county, PA area you don't need to be an expert we will learn as a band together ages 18-30 only apply to get a good idea of what music we want to play check out king for a day by pierce the veil drug free and alcohol free only. We are going to bring something to the industry that hasn't been seen yet

1/29/13 - Seeking serious minded and experienced Bass Guitar Player, Sax, and Keyborist to join newly formed Show Band. Must be willing to practice in Mayfied Pa at least once or twice a week. We have gigs waiting.

1/28/13 - Hey everyone, i'm a 20 year old rhythm guitarist looking for a good thrash metal band. My rhythms are really solid and if you already have stuff written and worry about bringing someone new into the band and having to teach them the songs no need to worry because i catch on and learn very quick. Shoot me an email if interested.

1/27/13 - Hi I'm looking to audition for a professional oldies group, I've been singing for over 45 years. I sing harmony very well I can do baritone or second tenor and some falsetto.

1/26/13 - Hello!I am a 15 year old female singer.Looking for a full band.Any instrument welcome.Preferably a rock band,but I'd be flexible with what the group prefers.Around Dayton Ohio.Please email @

1/22/13 - Hello. I play congas/bongos, and looking to audition for working band (Christian or Main Stream). Also interested in Church Worship Team. Bucks/Montgomery County, Pa

1/21/13 - Greetings. A new cover band in the Reading area is looking for a Bass player who has good equipment, the desire to play and no attitudes/drama. We have a secure warm practice area, a drummer with 25+ years of experience, a recording artist on guitar and a awesome vocalist who can handle most everything.

1/15/13 - Looking for a 80's hair-metal style Lead guitarist. Working band based in Harrisburg Pa. We play every weekend and travel all over Pa Md and into Ny. We need someone with experience image and some vocal ability and must shred. If this interests you please respond! thanks...

1/10/12 - PA HEAVYCORE VOCALIST SEEKING BAND. Female vocalist seeking hardcore band. 20 years old, been in a band before, I know the drill. Extremely passionate lyricist and vocalist. Vox sound mainly like Touche Amore, Pianos Become the Teeth. Influences like Rescuer, Traveler, Manners. Contact me for more information. If interested, I will gladly send a video or sound clip.

1/4/13 - Singer looking for classic rock-oldies band, in Fredericksburg, Va. area. I'm 63, still look young, and have been singing in bands since 60's. I play rythum guitar, and have a boat load of material. Looking for week-end gigs!

1/4/13 - WANTED: Lead Vocalist/Frontman The established and working, classic hard rock band STORM is seeking a Lead Vocalist/Frontman. We are auditioning for a seasoned frontman who can bring a great stage presence to our show. We have had four years of solid bookings and are currently booking 2013. Our master set list consists of over 100+ songs. Our song selections are derived from classic hard rock from the 70ís, 80ís and 90ís for the most part. Covers from AC/DC to Nirvana to Def Leppard to Zepplin. We practice once a month at our practice facility(more to get you up to speed) And we book 1-2 gigs a month. We play gigs in clubs as well as large outdoor venues in 5 counties in southeastern Pa., we are based in Exeter Township Pa. Storm is very much a family. We really have fun playing shows as a group We have no interest in adding drama, egos or addictions to our mix. If you have an interest in performing classic hard rock music in an enjoyable band atmosphere, with a bunch of excellent musicians, please feel free to contact us to set up an audition and point us to performance videos or audio files you may have such as youtube. Support Local Music 11/30/12 - Looking to join a singing group in Jacksonville fl, gospel or R&B. sing saphrano n alto. Im in my late 40's email have a gospel cd, had to put my career on hold and take care of children , now there grown would like to get back to my love of singing.

11/19/12 - Christian singer songwriter / worship leader looking for musicians (bass, drums, guitar, singers, flute, trumpet, etc) to complete band for live events and recording. Located in the Pottstown area.

11/16/12 - Pocono based Female-fronted rock/blues band/Soundmine MusicWorks Recording Artist 'Hunter Monroe', is looking for a Drummer, and Keyboard Player to complete new lineup for originals and some covers. I am currently in the recording studio finishing up my new album. Must be commited, professional, have own equipment and be dedicated. Must be available for rehearsals, live shows and studio work.

11/14/12 - Hello, I'm looking for an audio engineer or someone with extensive knowledge of Pro-tools. I would like to pay someone to come help me get my recording settings back in order. I recently lost all my preferences in the program but after working on it for a while I can't get it perfectly dialed back in. I have been using the program for years but could use some help. I live fairly close to Fred's music. Please contact me if you can help or direct me to someone who can. Craigslist has been a bust. Thanks.

10/24/12 - Guitarists? are u looking for something different? We are a live band that simulates the sound of a REMIX DJ on stage. If your looking for something that allows you to really explore your creativity this is the band for you. we have shows currently booked and looking to audition as soon as possible. You must be reliable and be able to prepare your parts on your own. We don't rehearse often so when we do we expect everyone to be prepared.. This is a business first.. then a band second. check out watch our videos, listen to our originals and if you like what you see drop us a line. look forward to hearing from you.

10/19/12 - Singer in the Philadelphia area looking to start a old school thrash metal project. Looking for 2 guitarists, bass and drummer. Influences...slayer, testament, anthrax, exodus, violence etc.... Stage presence and performance as well as being able to play required. Live experience a plus but not a deal breaker. Let's tear it up....

10/16/12 - Versatile, experienced, professional base player wanted to join active band in Northeastern Pa. Must be willing to attend practices.

10/8/12 - looking for sax player or lead guitar player, for part time 50's / 60's band. " Honey & the bee's ". playing lancaster county and berks county areas.

10/4/12 - Hello, We are a "WORKING BAND" Good paying good jobs, mainly weekends! We need a lead guitarist ASAP. Contact with your info at, we will respond and consider an audition. thanks

10/3/12 - Lead Guitar player looking for Established band playing 70's to current rock music. I have 27 years experience in playing guitar and recording.

9/30/12 - FISHEYE is trying out new bass players. we play a nice variety or tunes. we also play 2-3 times a month for the last 12 years. Serious Inquiries Contact

9/20/12 - The Shillingtones are in need of a new bass player. Our bass player has decided to move on and do other things. We play classic rock and a few newer rock songs and dance tunes. We have gigs lined up into next year 2013. If interested please contact "Jim" and we will arrange for a tryout at one of our practice sessions. We play in the Shillington area and hope to get someone local. Lead and Back-up vocals or other instruments are a plus! We are all older guys with no egos and love to play. We try to duplicate the original songs as closely as possible. If we canít do it good, then we donít do it! We have practice space and full sound system with lighting. If interested please email to :

9/17/12 - Rhythm guitarist and drummer looking for singer, lead guitarist and bassist. Have original songs - want to start playing out. Location - Northern Baltimore County, MD close to Stewartstown, PA. Heavy metal influences include Machine Head, Chimiara and others. No drugs - no egos. If interested, email back.

9/10/12 - Im a Keyboard Hammond organ and singer looking to join est oldies group.50tys 60tys 70tys 80tys able to do lead and background vocals. styles: Rascals Santana Motown R&b Buckinghams Classics 4 Doo wop Duprees etc. Some travel ok! no bad or call 551 265 3553 -

9/6/12 - We're looking for a singer who feels he or she represents Pennsylvania to sing on the chorus of a Pennsylvania state anthem. Here's some info (from our press release) on some of the artists involved in this project: In addition to rich orchestration and Chris Aable on lead vocals, his song features multi-instrumentalist Jacob Luttrell on saxophone. Luttrell is featured on several albums of some of the biggest artists in the business today including Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, Enrique Iglesias, and Ben Harper, among others. Chris Aable's song also features lead guitarist, Dominique DeMieri, who toured with Jimi Hendrix, Kiss and the Monkees. DeMieri also co-wrote songs with The Monkee's lead singer, Davy Jones, including one of their biggest hits, "I'm a believer". The engineer/producer, Louis Cristofani is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has written and produced songs for some of T.V.'s biggest channels including Fox, TLC and Showtime. If you were selected we would send you a WAV file of the song for you to record your voice to. It's a simple melody with simple lyrics, and the whole process should only take a matter of minutes. This is not a paid gig but this song will be played on several local as well as college radio stations all over the U.S. because of connections we've made through other business and media ventures. If you're interested please send us a sample of your singing or a link to a sample to and we'll send you an unmastered WAV file of the song with only Chris Aable's lead vocals for you to sing along with. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time!

9/5/12 - looking for vocalist that is able to sing as well as scream. would be joining 3 piece band Lead Fly. we have gigs and practice space. check out for some recordings!

9/4/12 - I'm an oldies singer. My voice is tenor and am able to sing any of Johnny Maestro's #s. (Crest & Brooklyn Bridge). Also Drifters, Platers etc. I live in the Poconos mts, Pa. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to perform. Music is my love.

7/23/12 - Hi Reading area Metal band Eviserate are looking for a very dedicated and talented bassist. Our influences are Metallica, Slayer, As I Lay Dying, Disturbed and many more along the lines of older Metal and modern Metal. We have band practice every Thursday in Reading. If interested in auditioning or joining you are very welcomed and can contact us at Thank you and hope to see you soon!

6/27/12 - 4 piece classic rock band (60's - 80's) seeks lead singer to regroup. Based in Stowe (near Pottstown) area, we are vintage experienced musicians wishing to work 1-2 times/month. Please contact me through email for more info and arrange audition.

6/20-12 - oldies band, { 50's and 60's ) looking for , lead guitar player or sax . we are a working part - time band. if interested please e-mail

4/26/12 - hi, im a 27 year old electric guitar player been playing for 13 years. I am looking to start a band and play out at gigs. I listen to and play three days grace, all that remains, disturbed, good charilet, and a lot more. I want to start a band that plays a mixture of punk rock and heavy metal. If your interested please e-mail me at Hope to hear from you.

4/20/12 - i am a screamer (i am 17) wanting to get a band together...i never actually played in a band or even had gigs, but i been waiting to get one together for a while now... looking for drummer/gutiar players/bass player/maybe even keyboarder... my influences are suicide silence, motionless in white, whitechaple, miss may i, and alesana... trying to keep it local so anyone from wilkes-barre please contact me at

4/18/12 - Seasoned bassist for hire. no start-up bands, only bands with solid on the calender gigs. will play blues, country, classic rock, 50's/60's/70's dance, even polkas and waltzes. working bands only - no solid gigs don't bother contacting. thanks in advance.

4/15/12 - Seriously seasoned and versatile guitarist needs find full time working gig. You name it, I've played it... Better!

4/8/12 - I'm a drummer looking for a serious/dedicated Metal band. I'm looking for a Thrashy type of band. or even a Metalcore. or a mix would even be great. I wanna play some intense shit that will make people wanna move. My influences are Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera, Trivium, Unearth, Lazarus A.D., Revocation, and Killswitch Engage. (I could name more but the list would go on....) I'm really serious about being in a band. I play a 7 piece Tama set with Sabian cymbals and double bass. I've been playing for almost 7 years now and have had some live experience. I also have mics and speakers and a mixing board for live shows and recording. Any questions contact my email.

4/7/12 - Creative and seasoned bassist needed for seriously incredible original project. We have been writing for over 20 years. Time to record, publish and perform it.

4/7/12 - Bassist needed for seriously incredible original project. We have been writing for over 20 years and finally decided to put it down, record, publish and perform. Studio sessions are 8am to noon Saturdays. If you are creative and seasoned join the adventure.

4/5/12 - Thrash Metal band Outbreak looking for a local drummer or bassist in or around the Reading area. We prefer the age range from 15 - 20. We play Thrash & some Metalcore Metal music and we are very dedicated. If interested please contact us at or thank you.

3/19/12 - Ive been playing lead for 15 years now and have been in bands that played regualr gigs. i am looking for a new band that is serious about playing and getting gigs. i am willing to travel to go to practice/gigs. let me know if anyone is intreseted. only serious muscians or bands are wanted!

3/16/12 - singer looking for punk/metal band or to start one! (placerville to sacramento) my name is justin i am looking to be in a punk/metal band i can join an already existing one or start a new one. im looking for guys or girls around 19 and under who loves to punk out or rock out. i can sing blink 182, sum 41, hoobastank, any band like that. if you want a good reference to what i sound like listen to have faith in me by a day to remember, i can sing that pretty damn well. i was in a band before for about a year but it didnt work out so i really want to get back on stage. if your interested email me. thanks! ;)

3/13/12 - I am a 27 year old drummer who can play a variety of different styles. I'm looking to join a cover band who gigs regularly. Open to all styles of music. I've been playing for over 14 years. I play a DW custom drumkit. My influences include pop-punk, punk, jazz, classic rock, oldies, and acoustic. Feel free to email me at hope to hear from you soon!

3/8/12 - (Bernville) 18 year old guitarist looking to form a math-rock/metal/jazz/etc band. influences include: lightning bolt, piglet, the jesus lizard, john mclaughlin, zappa, zeppelin, etc etc etc contact me if you're interested, i'm a dedicated musician! -

2/13/12 - Established classic rock band seeking male or female vocalist (we have had both, so we already know alot of each) to front the band. Playing an instrument a plus. Anything from '60's to current rock that you can dance to. From Funky Music to Metallica and Ozzy. AC/DC and Zep are a big plus. We practice in Sinking Spring.

2/13/12 - Trio Seeks Vocalist and Keyboardist for Original Band - Electric Bassist, Electric Guitarist, and Drummer Seek Male or Female Vocalist & Lyricist and Keyboardist. About the band: - Current name is Anomaly - We have a sound that is a blend of classic, progressive, and modern rock with a bit of jazz fusion - We have about 12 songs/ideas recorded at our home studio - Two of us are in our 50s and one is in his 30s - Influences include: Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, Yes, Crack the Sky, Genesis, Hendrix, Cream, etc. - For more info and/or audio samples please email me at

2/7/12 - looking for working clasic country or southern gospel band needing lead or rythem guitarist,play by ear only. dublin, macon, ga. area -

1/18/12 - Seeking Oldies Singers: Forming a capella doo-wop group looking for two mature, experienced singers -- prefer one female and one male. Must know your harmony and have reliable transportation. Members from Berks / Montgomery Counties. We'll be covering tunes by popular artists of the late 50s / early 60s, including The Del Vikings, Shep & and The Limelights, The Five Satins, The Spaniels, The Shields... just to name a few. Prepare for some great fun! E-mail me at Hoping to hear from you! /Larry


12/23/11 - Soul, pop, and R&B bassist looking to jam or perform with like-minded musicians. I enjoy playing a wide range from 1960 to current day material. Not interested in country or metal. Let's chat if you are interested. patricka607 @ Currently I play a couple times a month in a soul and pop band but I still have time in my schedule for making more music with people who enjoy working together. Thanks for reading my ad. --Pat -

12/12/11 - READING, PA. I'm a drummer looking for a band. I've been playing close to ten years and i'm ready to get serious. I like to play pop/punk stuff like fall out boy, four year strong, the wonder years. etc. email me @ thanks.

12/2/11 - Vocalist/Lyricist looking to join or start a good old fashioned, old school, with a fresh sound classic/hard rock/ heavy metal band. I majored in music in college but had to drop because of moolah. Must be ďoutside the boxĒ creative and world class talented and Not just status quo wanna be just looking for fame and fortune like 99% of the attention seeking posers posting on websites like these. An Artist NOT a musician. No need to necessarily be experienced just damn good and ready to make MUSIC your lifeís blood. Music must be number 5 on your list of priorities (for example), breathing, eating, sleep, personal hygiene and then music. I totally and completely hate the genres like the crap I call Vomit metal, pop and especially loathe rap and hip hop!!! I am 50 years old and although age isn't that big of an issue to me I would like to stay fairly close to mine. I mean look at Brian Johnson (dob 10-05-1947) and Angus Young (dob 03-31-1955) 8 years difference. I am most extremely serious and want to go all the way and am willing to sacrifice and work my fingers to the bone to make it. If you are not please do not waste your time or mine. I have several songs written and a few in the works and I am constantly inspired with new material daily almost to the point of insanity. Like Jim Morrison I don't play any instruments (well I have messed around on the guitar a little but not enough to brag about) but the music to my songs is in my head. My influences range widely but are all rooted in rock-n-roll/classic rock/'70s metal (I also like southern rock as well being originally from Jacksonville, FL: Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet just to name a couple). From (in no particular order) light stuff like Styx, REO, Eagles, , Pink Floyd to Boston, Journey, Tom Petty,Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull, The Doors Foreigner and also The Black Crowes, Rush, Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Aerosmith and a little heavier like Black Sabbath (Ozzy years), Ozzy, Scorpions, GNR (some), Crue(some), God Smack, Alice in Chains and many many more these are just a few examples to give a general idea of my kind of music. I like some other stuff like a little of 3 doors down. I love The Blues and Blues based metal and hard rock which most if not all is anyway. I totally and completely hate the genres like the crap I call Vomit metal, pop and especially rap and hip hop. I'll say it again I totally and completely hate the genres like the crap I call Vomit metal, pop and especially loathe rap and hip hop.

11/29/2011 - Shippensburg, PA - Rythem/Lead Guitarist - 21yrs old - Looking to join a metalcore band my biggest influences are metallica, slipknot, and august burns red. My favorite bands in order are august burns red, bring me the horizon, parkway drive, rage against the machine, slipknot, metallica, and all that remains. I've been playing for about 4 years and really want to dedicate my time to being in a band that wants to make it, I prefer epic drums, wide range screams, solos, awesome riffs and breakdowns, willing to drive a decent amount but would like to stay somewhere in central PA for the next years or so while I finish up school - email

11/15/11 - Drummer with pa system forming band Guitar,bass player wanted vocals a must.

10/31/11 - I'm a rhythm guitarist looking for a decent thrash metal band around the reading area or wherever. I'm very dedicated so email me if you wanna start a band or your just looking for a rhythm guitarist.

10/29/11 - Okay i'm looking to join a band or for people to come to me, anything works for me. I live in NY the sullivan county area, i do scream vocals, i have lyrics written, my friend most likely has clean vocals but if not it isn't needed. I am very into making it and plan on doing so. I have a place to practice most likely but if you got a spot i'm down. I'm looking for people who love what they do and can see themselfes doing it for there whole life. Contact me ASAP, everything is needed, I AM INTO JOINING A BAND/TRYING OUT.

10/22/11 - I'm Andrew. I'm a 14 year old singer/songwriter/ rhythm guitarist in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, looking for a bassist and a lead guitarist. Myself and my drummer have more than two years of experience and are ready for a real band. We play alternative rock/hard rock and some metal and our age preferences are 13-16. The preferred area is anywhere in Columbia County and its surrounding areas. We currently consist of myself, a drummer, and an artist. You can contact me at or our band email at

10/16/11 - If anyone around the Reading area needs a guitarist just let me know. I play Thrash/Hardcore Metal music. If interested, let me know at

9/20/11 - I am retired from the workforce but not the playforce - I am 60 years old, however, a very well versed and experienced guitaist who is capable enough to fit right in with many types of music from the 60's forward - I do some lead and rhythmn work and am influenced by such performers as Terry Kath, Joe Walsh and Eric Clapton and groups such as the Eagles, Chicago, Doobies and yes , the Beatles - I am capable of playing a little of everything from pop, classic and southern rock - from country to even blues - I do lead and backup vocals and have all necessary equipment and have reliable personal transportation - e-mail me at or give me a call. Leave message is no answer. Jim cell phone 1-484-824-7589 home phone 1-610-777-4152

9/13/11 - Hard working dedicated Metal band is looking for a serious singer with range! We have a full albums worth of material great attitudes and work ethic. We also have a awesome place to practice. Very easy to get along with and willing to work with someone who wants to work hard and reach the same goals! If interested please get a hold of us!

9/13/11 - Savage Romeo an established (Trio + lead vocalist) heavier blues based classic rock band is currently auditioning for a Groove oriented bass player . Our bassist was taken away by that thing called 2nd shift! We are a cover band and we play anything from Sabbath, Robin Trower, Black Crowes, Kravitz, Thin Lizzy, Bush, Alice in Chains, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pink Floyd, Shinedown with many others in between. We practice in Denver , PA. & we currently play shows in the Berks, Lancaster & York Counties.. We practice Thursday evenings in Denver, Pa. We are a very laid back group that enjoys what we do. Please no attitudes, If you enjoy music & want to have fun please contact us.

8/27/11 - Hello, we are Suburban Losers, a punk band from Hamburg, PA, and we are looking for a guitarist. If you, or anyone you know, is interest, please message us on facebook at or email us at

8/9/11 - Hi my name is Nicole, I'm 13 and I'm from Maidstone! I've been playing guitar for 6 years and I'm really passionate about being in a band. I don't mind whether i join someone else s band or whether people want to join mine. I need a lead vocalist, bassist and a drummer. Age range of between 12- 16 please contact me at hope you want to join XD

7/31/11 - Whats up rockers!? Cole Sellers here wanting to know if anyone else wants to start a band with me? Im a vocalist and will do any type of hard rock/metal from godsmack all the way to killswitch engage. Got some songs written already but would maybe like to do a few covers first. Gona need some people who want to be as dedicated as I am and really wana be able to perfrom in front of people and spread some good music around. I live in a little town called Greencastle in Pennsylvania. If your up for some good ole rock and wana get serious please contact me at Hope to hear from you soon and hopefully we can begin something great! THANK YOU!!!

7/12/11 - Looking for a keyboard/guitar player, ages anywhere from 18-30, played many shows, and have a lot of connections, must be dedicated, looking to play out again asap, we do originals with some covers thrown in, pretty much indie, expermental rock, give jesse a call at 4847973205 -


7/8/11 - I would like to offer my services of a mixing and mastering studio to anyone in need of one. I have demos of my work before and after. If you would like to hear them, I can e-mail them to you. I will demo your song for free.

7/6/11 - Hey,just moved in to Birdsboro and im looking to form up a band.I have some expirience with gigs and what not but im not a pro like others,i still play a pretty good guitar and bass,anyone interested,im 19 and i take my music seriously,i have a lot material if that's any help,hit me up if your interested /m/ Rock The Soul..

6/10/11 - starting a new hardcore band i have vocals(scream) drummer and a rhythm gustiest lined up with a practice site in reading pa. this band would be from the ground up, but would be willing to do the work. need basses,lead guitar,keyboard player and a lead (singer) send for more info at

6/4/11 - I'm a 14 year old boy from Reading, PA. that plays guitar and mainly listens and plays Heavy Metal. Trying to start a band so i need anyone who can play guitar,drums,bass,and can sing.You can contact me at and must be between the ages of 13 to 17.

5/6/11 - Jonestown, PA is celebrating it's 250th anniversary by hosting a Battle of the Bands on June 21, 2011 from 4-10pm. We are looking for teen friendly bands that are willing to submit a bio and link us up w/ a song track or video as an audition. 1st prize is a 4 hr recording session at Studio 121 West in Myerstown. It will be a great event for your band so email us ASAP! send info:

3/23/11 - Hey! Im a 27 yr old female who has a very big passion for music. im a vocalist and i can sing pretty much anything you throw at me. Im looking for a band that needs a lead singer. I am very dedicated and i catch on fast. So if your interested please feel free to email me. Thanks

2/28/11 - Hi my name is steven and I am looking to get a band start. I live in fleetwood and am looking to play punk rock music and some heavy metal pretty much anything that sounds cool. I play the electric guitar and have been playing for 10 years. My influences are 3 days grace, fall out boy, disturbed, afi, killswitch engage, and many more. I am looking for a guitarist, drummer, bass player, and a singer. E-mail me back at hope to hear from you soon.

2/16/11 - My band is looking for a Bassist/Singer that has experience playing on stage and playing and singing at the same time. We are looking for a motivated player who has a good attitude and is very cooperative. One who is serious about shows and will always make it to practice. We are currently working on our second CD and have played with bands such as Superchik, The Classic Crime, Disciple, and Skillet. We are a mix of different genres from heavier rock/metal to pop. We do this to attract different audiences and allow ourselves to play multiple venues and shows. We are looking for someone between the ages of 18 and 25 (or looks like it) and has their own equipment. If interested please email us back asap as we have shows lined up already for March. Thanks!

1/31/11 - Hiya ^_^.names maxxine and im a 13 year old girl from the small city in Canada named pickering and i can sing.Im looking to be in a band similar to escape the fate or paramore.i guess its called pop punk.i cant scream so if you have a band with somebody that can scream then contact me.I really and honestly dont care if were not famous because a bands best days are in the garage playing for 10 kids who kinda only know a song.please get back to me.ages 13-17 perferred but age is no limitations.

1/18/11 - I'm 24 going on 25 and I'm looking for a female singer and/or screamer, a male singer and or/ screamer, a drummer, a guitarist(rhythm or lead) and a bassist. I'm looking to create mostly heavy metal songs. I have written some metal riffs as well as some bluesy riffs and classical guitar riffs. I write poetry as well and I'm really good. I'm looking for people who just want to jam and want to create songs that keep people coming back for more.

1/18/11 - gainsville, florida,, established original band,, show band looking to add new lead guitarist, adult (unless you considr yourself to be a genius) with touring experience, dues paid giging,, inivative , check out'' progressivemadness on myspace,, no EGO trippers please.

1/13/11 - Hi whats up I'm a 25 year old drummer. I love playing the double bass. I played at the Silo a couple of times and I played at the A Croc with two major bands Kittie and Dope. I'm into hard rock and heavy metal. Bands like Disturbed,, Nothingface. Avenged Sevenfold and ect. If you like what you are reading hit me back.

1/3/11 - Inner city church in need of a praise and worship leader/musician. Duties are shared and includes pay.

12/20/10 - Wanted: experienced player to finish out our four-piece band with dates from Quakertown to Sullivan county. A willingness to play, have fun and make money is the only requirement! Hit us up!

11/30/10 - singer focused only on ozzy looking band or musicians to form band only ozzy & sabbath with ozzy covers dedicated people to make this work must have looks & talent.


11/16/10 - im a lead guitar player. been playing for 6 years. talented. im 16 looking for a band who plays classic or rock music. and have to be 14 to 16 years old email is

10/24/10 - Rhythm guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist looking to form/join a band based off classic rock (ELO, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Who, The Cars, ect). I'm 17 years old, and I really want to get out and play. If anyone is interested, e-mail me at Thanks!

10/18/10 - the original rock band PISTON BREACH is holding auditions for a lead singer. we have a hard bluesy guitar driven sound thats in need of a throaty vocalist, male or female, we're all in our forties, dedicated and good at what we do. if you got the sound send us an e-mail at

10/13/10 - Voice Of Reason a working lehigh valley based hard rock cover/original band is seeking a lead guitarist and a bass player. Our lead guitarist just decided to pack it in and our bass player has gone back to school to get his masters degree. We have fronted several national acts and gig about 2 to 6 times a month. (possible opportunity to front Halestorm in late December). We use our tight and well rehearsed cover show to gain access for a few of our original tunes at venues not readily available to an all original band. We will be auditioniong soon. If interested contact Don at


9/24/10 - I'm looking for a band to join. I play guitar, have been playing for seven years,i'm into rock,i'm not into the heavy screamo metal. I'm also interested in just jamming with another guitarist or drummer or bass player. Email me

9/23/10 - Sierra's Mantra, having been together since 1995, is seeking a full time drummer for paying gigs. We are a hard rock, female fronted, cover band. Some of the songs we cover are Vicarious, Forty Six and 2, The Pot and Sober from Tool; Perry Mason, No More Tears, Momma I'm Coming Home and Crazy Train from Ozzy; Rise Today from Altered Bridge, Chochise (Save Yourself) from Audioslave, Spoonman and Outshined from Soundgarden, Barracuda, Magic Man and Mistral Wind from Heart; Call me When I'm Sober and Bring me to Life from Evanecense, Our Truth from Lacuna Coil; Who are you from The Who; Killing in the Name of from Rage Against the Machine; Inside the Fire and Down with the Sickness from Disturbed; More Human than Human from White Zombie; Life is Beautiful from Sixx Am and so on. We take pride in being able to play songs that are hard and intricate. We need someone who not only loves these songs and this style, but can play it spot on. No one has ever stood out in this band because every one is at the top of their game. Must be willing to practice in Chester County area. We don't practice much but obviously breaking in someone new will require that. Everyone does their homework and is ready to go always. For more info email Sierra at

9/21/10 - Vertigo Vibe has an opening for a lead vocalist/frontman. This is a working band, so a broad repertoire and ability to perform for 4 hours 2 nights on a weekend (not every weekend) is required. Check out the website at for song list and to get an idea of what we do. This is a 5-piece band....4 of the guys are in place...we just need you. Email randy at if interested.

9/21/10 - Reading, PA - Guitar Player looking for rock & roll band. I've got tons of experience, pro gear, good chops, backup & some lead vocals. Looking to play mainly classic & southern rock but I'm open as far as the material goes. Looking to gig 2 to 4 times per month. You can contact me at

9/20/10 - Area band looking for a singer somewhere in the age range of 21-40. We play 'modern rock' music from bands like Muse, Linkin Park, Finger Eleven (before they sucked), Seether, NIN, Tool, A Perfect Circle, etc... and we have originals too. If this sounds like something you'd like to get into let us know. We'd like to start writing new material and play out again soon. If you're interested, contact Chris -

9/16/10 - Wanted: Experienced LEAD VOCALIST to join Reading based band. We practice every week and play an average of 6 gigs per month. No drama or attitudes please. We are a popular, hard working group with a very good sound, playing a mix of new and classic rock, cool funk, and new country. E-mail to

9/15/10 - looking for bass and lead guitar to form a classic rock band,and original material. call kenny r at 410-766-0171 or vaughn at 410-627-5546

8/15/10 - FEMALE SINGER WANTED!!!Original hard rock/alt band based in Fleetwood called "DizkoVera" looking for a clean, reliable female singer to share lead vocals/harmonies with current male singer. We currently have about 20 original songs that we have been playing out, as well as a few covers. We have many other songs not completed yet just waiting for the right person. We are laid back, but professional in our attitude toward the music, plus we will provide a fun, creative and respectful enviornment ...we practice 2x a week and have our own studio, PA and mics(totally free of disease). Just bring yourself and your voice! if you're intrested....just e-mail Matt at


8/10/10 - Looking for experienced drummer for Rock Band. Please e-mail me at

8/9/10 - Wanted: Experienced LEAD GUITAR player to join Reading based band. We practice every week and play an average of 6 gigs per month. No drama or attitudes please. We are a popular, hard working group with a very good sound, playing a mix of new and classic rock, cool funk, and new country. E-mail to

8/2/10 - Looking for experienced Rhythm Guitarist for Classic rock band. Also looking for a organ player, must have experience in classic rock. Contact Thank you

7/28/10 - Pistol Whip'd, a rock cover band, is in need of a drummer. We practice once a week in the evening and have a secure practice space. We play songs from the 80's to present. We also have gigging contacts. Must have your own equipment and transportation. Must be 21 or older. Contact us at if you are interested.

7/22/10 - Soul Fashioned/ Christian Rock and Worship band seeking musicians. Real Close to finishing a 12 song CD and would like to present it live. Shillington Area. Sounds like 70's funk, latin, Rock and something for everyone.

7/7/10 - Guitarist (lead, rhythm) skills and gear well above average, very active in recent years with a few local working bands.....seeking part-time opportunity with established group or other talented semi laid back, flexible players. Not overly concerned with fame, fortune, image, etc. Just want to continue playing regularly (2-4/month). I am versatile, comfortable and confident playing rock, funk, blues, R&B, pop, country and a little jazz. I like to mix it up and I like improvisation as well as note for note precision. If interested please reply to

6/16/10 - need bass player with lead vocals for workin rock band -

6/8/10 - I am a mature, talented, experienced professional entertainer and vocalist. I am seeking to join a Working Doowop Group that needs a lead or back-up singer. I can easily sing lead, Base, Baritone, 1st & 2nd tenor, and falsetto and am familiar with the majority 50s-n-60s Rock-n-Roll Oldies and Doowop songs. I much prefer to join a group that works in the North Eastern Pennsylvania Region but am willing to travel out of the area on occasion. Im interested in being part of a serious-minded group who strive for perfection and practice at least once a week. Please email if I'm the man you've been looking for. Thanks.

6/6/10 - DRUMMER WANTED!!!! Clean, reliable, professional drummer wanted for original hard rock/alternative band DizkoVera. Our influences include Rush, Tool and Faith No More to Prince and Duran Duran. Versatility is a must, also a love for Family Guy and Aqua Teen Hunger force is a plus. We practice twice a week and have our own space and PA, plus 25 complete songs and many more ideas ready for the right person to add his or her flair to. Contact Matt at:

5/10/10 - FISHEYE is looking for a solid drummer who can pick up things quickly from the Berks county area. We love Drummers who can sing and will stay awhile!! We've been around here for years and we have GIGS booked throughout this year about twice a month. Tuesday night practices from 6:30 till 9 about once a week. Contact Chris at cbag74@msn.comto schedule a tryout and hear more about us! Were a great fun loving band that you'll love being a part of! Fisheyerocks! All we need is u!...oh and some drums...

5/6/10 - I am a mature, talented, professional, experienced, vocalist, entertainer seeking to join a working group in the Scranton/Wilkesbarre Pennsylvania region. My vocal talents varies from Lead Singer of Crooner Standards, to 50s-n-60, doowop, Rock-n-Roll Classics. I know how to harmonize all parts: Base, Baritone, 1st/2nd Tenor, Lead, and falsetto. I am interested in a band/group that works locally and, on occasion, get gigs outside the area who are professional, well rehearsed, have fun but get the work done, and love entertaining people. If you would like to check me out, call or email me. Thanks! (570) 848-1682

4/26/10 - CALLING ALL BANDS IN READING OR LANCASTER. If any band (Electronic, hip hop , good DJ act or alternative) wants to play a gig with STARVING TOURIST Friday June 18th at the NORTH EAST TAP ROOM give a shout at You will be paid and have free drinks to a minimum. Hope to hear from someone. PEACE!

4/19/10 - Guitarist/singer/songwriter looking for a male or female vocalist in the pop/rock or country genre. songwriting ability a plus. Looking to record songs and see how it goes. possibly gig as duo and band. Catchy pop tunes already written but open to co-writting. Want to start recording in the studio over the summer, possibly play in the fall.

4/9/10 - WANTED: Solid BASS player with strong vocals needed for versatile acoustic trio, playing Berks and Lancaster. Must have gigging experience and transportation. Improvisation and broad repertoire necessary. Contact Randy Stout at

4/1/2010 - Reading area pop punk band in need of a strong lead singer and guitar player. Experienced band looking for someone to fill shoes - learn originals and help write new ones. Band gigs at least twice a month in and out of PA. Must have own gear - practice space available. Serious inquiries only. Check us out, We always have a lot of fun while still rockin hard. Don't miss this opportunity.

3/4/10 - Reading Area Melodic Worship-Hardcore Project, Harbours, Seeking Guitarist. Ambient worshipful style with the power of metal and the raw intensity of hardcore. Style comparable to The Glorious Unseen, Hundredth, Hands, Abel, Take It Back! and others. Seeking guitarist who is between the ages of 16 and 25. The project is CHRISTIAN, if you are an atheist, don't come if you can't handle God's merciful power. Christianity and drug-free preferred. Band taken very seriously but we are still cool dudes looking to have some fun. Get at me asap!

2/26/10 - Reading Area original Jam/Reggae/Rock band (all high school age) looking for a good bass player.....also a keyboardist but more importantly a bassist. although we do this for fun and because we love music, we are pretty serious, we play the silo once or twice a month.......experience neccesary....all inquirys direct to

2/25/10 - Trio rock band seeking vocalist with no fear. :) wide variety of tunes to learn from multiple era's of time. Nothing concrete without singer. House Band Future in Store. Age group 21-28 if interested contact Krall at 610-621-3024. we are well experienced musicians with very open minds.

2/19/10 - Classic Rock Band is in search of a Lead Vocalist, Male or Female. Must be reliable, entertaining, and oh yeah... can sing. Experiance preferred, but not necessary if you can hit the notes. This is a Local cover band made up of four good musicians who love to play music and fill the dance floor. We Practice once a week usually Wednesday night, but flexible, and Two or Three gigs a month. Contact: Dave at

2/17/10 - Im a singer im a girl im 13 and i need a guitarist and a drumer to start a band, we could really go far. Ages 13-16 girls or boys contact me at 304.751.6111 if intrested. We could get famous by posting are vids on youtube.

2/15/10 - Wanted: Experienced and dependable Bass player, vocals a + for a classic old school rock / blues band with gigs. Practice in Lancaster area

2/14/10 - Classic Rock Band is in search of a Lead Vocalist. Contact: Dave for info. at

2/9/10 - Guitarist and Drummer looking for a bass player to play original heavy rock music based near Reading,Also I know its hard to find but,We are also looking for a female singer to complete the lineup...We have the practice space and plenty of contacts,If interested send email to bvp123t@aol.comor call Mikey @4847691437 please leave message...thank you

2/6/10 - I play drums in a local cover band, and we're having difficulty finding the right singer who can a) sing well, b) front a band in a live setting, and c) has the personality to mesh with the rest of us. We're four laidback, beer-drinkin' guys who love great music, and we're at a level where we're ready (and able) to go out and make a few bucks playing for the local crowds. We cover music from Hendrix, Skynyrd, Neil Young, and Black Sabbath (you MUST love Sabbath) to Billy Squier, Weezer, Soundgarden and Van Halen to Alice in Chains, Metallica, Motley Crue, Godsmack, and White Zombie. Everything we play (whether it's classic rock or modern pop) is delivered with a hard rock edge; heavy, yet still upbeat and danceable. We want to rock people out and have them on the dancefloor at the same time. We're looking for someone who has enough experience and/or talent, drive and commitment to hit the ground running and be ready to hit the clubs in a few months' time. If you're that guy, give me a shout. We need ya!

1/17/10 - Experienced 34 year old lead guitarist and singer, new to this area from Philly, looking for songwriting partner(s) and band. Into a wide variety of music, but write and play with influences from The Beatles, Wilco, The Magic Numbers, My Morning Jacket, Sufjan Stevens, Pink Floyd, some (more experimental) Phish, Frank Zappa, and more. I like a mix of easily to digest good rock songs with experimentation and complexity mixed in. Melody is the biggest thing. Not necessarily heavy distortion or teenage angst. Looking for a bassist, a rhythm guitarist, drummer, keys, and maybe even a lead singer with good experience, some improv ability, and a no egos.

1/13/10 - Bassist, guitarist, vocalist age range 30-50 in search of drummer, amateur to pro. Part time, We have a small practice area, looking for a not-for-profit, but a fun atmosphere.

1/10/10 - Local Berks County Country band reforming, looking for Lead Guitar Player and Drummer, going to be playing outlaw country and southern rock. Positive Attitudes Only, Email

1/5/10 - Nineteen-year-old country/rock/alternative lead singer looking for band to start touring with. I write lyrics, so song-writing is not necessary. MUST be able to write own music to match given lyrics. Any age acceptable. No drugs, no drama, no cocky prix!

1/4/10 - Guitar player looking for bass player and drummer to start a band. No ego, no Drama! Experimental Metal/Hard Rock, think along the lines of Buckethead, Paul Gilbert, etc.

1/4/10 - JellyHorse - Psychadelic, electronic folk rock band looking for female singer and acoustic bass player. If interested call Don at 610-790-7094 or email